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Malin Dollinger, M.D., F.A.C.P. Medical Oncology

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If you wish me to call you, to discuss the question of getting a second opinion,

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     My current practice is no longer office-based, but is conducted informally by telephone and/or email communication.   The focus of my consultations, communications, and discussions with you is to offer explanations and discussion of your cancer problem, answer any questions you may have regarding your cancer and its treatment, and offer guidance insofar as referral to research programs, oncologists, and cancer centers that specialize in your type of cancer. 

     Since I no longer have a separate private practice office, my practice is conducted from my home office.   My guidance, assistance, and consultation is advisory and explanatory in nature.  I no longer see patients in person, and do not issue formal written reports of such second opinion consultations.   Such consultations are conducted verbally, via telephone, and/or electronically, via email.  There is no charge for this type of consultation, which serves to explain and clarify your problems, answer questions about your cancer, and direct you to appropriate facilities and specialists, as requested.

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